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offering help when your body slows you down

Chronic pain, headache, back/neck problems, pregnancy, pelvic/hip pain, postpartum concerns including pain, weakness or leakage.

My services are varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality time and care for whatever hurdle you may be facing. With years of experience and a never-ending study of how to help others through pain and limitations in the body, let’s work together to help you feel better!


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Alicia really takes the time to listen to everything. She has the whole picture before treating any one part of the body. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate to people in pain.
— Theresa J. - Cary, NC
Alicia is wonderful! Each session she checks in on how things are working in the body (and sometimes the brain!) She helps me work on and fix areas that are problematic. She gives me pointers on things to work on at home, but is never pushy or annoying.

I give Alicia the highest recommendations!!!
— -anonymous
The individual attention was helpful. I felt thankful to be heard and reassessed each visit if my pain shifted.

I thought there was a wealth of knowledge and continued learning on part of PT and a holistic approach to treatment helped broaden my knowledge and openness to healing the whole body.
— Lauren A.- Raleigh, NC
Alicia is a very kind person, and also extremely smart and knowledgeable about physical therapy and other supplemental therapies. She takes a lot of time answering questions and is very thoughtful in her responses. I really appreciate the knowledge she brings forth. Not only does she work with me with what would be considered typical physical therapy, but we also do Pilates, yoga, strength training. I feel very safe with Alicia, and I like her very much.
— Tracey S. - Clayton, NC



I have chosen to work in an environment that allows us (you and me in a therapeutic relationship) to have time. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic challenges that accommodate their lifestyle. I strive for honest communication and relationship, so that you are empowered to work on achieving your personal health transformation.


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About Me


I first started exercising and moving when I was in preschool ballet and tap classes. Discouraged because I could never get my chubby little leg and foot up on the barre, I gave up on formal dance and I moved on to playing piano! Truth is, I never really stopped dancing. You’ve gotta dance like nobody’s watching, right?

Anyway, as a teenager, I found solace in movement and exercise as a way to recover from the stresses of life. While hiking in the woods of rural Virginia and strengthening my body while watching Jane Fonda videos (don’t judge me!), I learned to gain a sense of focus and mindfulness of what was happening in my body. This led to a lifelong interest in how awareness of the body can help others to improve their own lives, feel better and remain resilient and strong for the long haul.

After studying biochemistry and psychology at North Carolina State University, I continued to study physical therapy at Duke University. As a lifelong learner, I have plunged into the study of Pilates, yoga therapy, pelvic health, chronic pain, trauma, etc. in order to satisfy this insatiable curiosity regarding the body and how we work.

My purpose is to help others (you) find hope to overcome pain and limitations that life may eventually bring. There is hope and a way out, many times without medication or surgery! This is good news. If you would like some help on the journey, I am available to share all that I have learned with you.